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All You Need To Teach A Child To Swim

Best New Swimming Aid

3   in  1  Product

Patent number GB2474829


The  Ark

From Non-Swimmer 

To Star Swimmer

Designed by Carol White Scott

3 times former all Ireland Champion

Patent NumberGB2474829

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The Ark is a revolutionary 3 in 1 multi-faceted swimming aid designed to teach children to learn quickly, efficiently and with confidence. Due to the encapsulating shape and the buoyancy factor, teachers can be less manually involved and allow the Ark to do the work.

It provides excellent buoyancy elevating the body into a hydrodynamic position. The unique design means the swimmer does not waste energy pulling the aid close to their sides, this allows hands free to practice strokes. It has side stabilisers, (which can be used as armbands or mini floats) and a headboard, (which converts to a kickboard). These can be easily attached and detached as required in order to practice and accomplish different skills. The multi-function Ark allows the teacher to be really creative to ensure the pupil has fun learning.
The rear stabilisers are mainly used for the inexperienced nervous swimmer. When positioned under the water they provide extra buoyancy at the end. They prevent the pupil from tipping backwards and stops the horrible experience of inadvertently swallowing water. When the stabilisers are positioned above the water and the swimmer is on their back, they provide hand grips for an easy secure hold. When not required, the stabilisers easily detach and convert to armbands or used as mini floats for practising leg work. The armbands can be used with 2 floats or reduced to 1 per arm.
The mini floats can be hand held via the straps and used individual kickboards, arms can be held in front or to the side for more difficult tasks. They can be used when learning to tread water.

When the headboard is attached it allows the pupil's head and neck to be in a relaxed position when doing backstroke / leg kick. This eliminates the need for the parent / teacher to provide manual support in the water. It also prevents head injuries as the headboard acts as a bumper providing protection when the child reaches the wall. One of the ingenious design features is that when the headboard is detached it then doubles up as a kickboard. In addition, when a pupil practises one arm swimming this kickboard provides extra security by means of a wrist strap. It stops the child losing their grip and the float drifting away, which can happen when a child becomes tired.

The Ark is suitable for age 3 to 8, although the main frame and kick board can be used by older children Armbands ideally suited to age 3 to 7. 


              The Ark
Complete Set £29.00

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Mesh Bag

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Main Frame

       Stablisers / Armbands


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Complete Set Assembled

Headboard / Kickboard

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Swim Hat Included



Carol Anne's  Swim School


Vincent has CP, mainly effecting his core and lower body. With your swim Ark, he managed to gravitate away from a woggle (always with my support) and transitioned to independent swimming for the very first time.

Vincent, his mother and I were just so delighted.


This was Vincent's first session ever using the Ark

Lou Ferguson


My first lesson using the Ark was with a five year old boy with autism and cerebral palsy. Previously he would only lie with his head on my shoulder for a few seconds. With the swim Ark and head pillow (attached kickboard) he felt secure enough to lie almost flat with his head on the pillow while kicking. This was a huge improvement for him. He liked the Ark, I think it made him feel more secure than a noodle.


This was the first time this student used the Ark.

L Merson


I have a 6 year old girl who is nervous and unable to to relax enough to put her head back while kicking. I gave her the Ark with head rest attached  and almost immediately she felt comfortable enough to keep her head on it and kick independently across the pool. I watched as she reached the pool end with the Ark without banging her head. She preferred the Ark to the noodle


This was the first time this pupil ever used the Ark

Gwyn Jones

Thank you so much for the Arks, they are amazing.

One of my 1;1 with CP absolutely loved it. I can't wait to try one with some of my other 1:1's


This was the first time this pupil ever used the Ark.

Lauren Riches

We used the Ark today for the first time. The teachers were very impressed. One child that will not swim on their back was able to today for the first time.


Vincent has CP. This is the first time he tried the Ark and it was the first time he has ever swum independently .






The Ark is manufactured from a high density closed cell EVA foam with 70-80 kgs per cubic meter and a  38 - 45 density. It comes in a 2 tone colour, blue & green. The foam is waterproof and corrosion resistant.

The Ark offers optimal buoyancy. It elevates the swimmer higher in the water much more than a standard open cell noddle, this allows the swimmer to be more confident, conserve energy, swim for longer and focus more on their tuition while having fun learning.

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